Welcome to our site! I am so excited to have this means of sharing inspiration, updates on new music, ministry opportunities, blog posts, photos, video links, itinerary, info on how to schedule us, and so much more. We have an online store featuring CDs, books (mine and Rita's), and other resources. 
I AM SO PUMPED to release a new vocal 4 song EP, "I Am Loved By God," two years after the release of "The Wild and The Wonder." I have been inspired recently by messages I have heard about the love of God through my friend and pastor Steve Fry, and through Leif Hetland, and also through the Spirit of God showing me just how loved we are through Jesus. All of this inspired the song "I Am Loved By God" which is the title song of my newly released 4 song EP. It just posted to iTunes. I am stirred more deeply than I have been in a long time with the conviction that these songs will convey the love of our Father God to people desperately in need of knowing His Heart for them. 

We now have links for every project available in the store for iTunes, cdbaby.com, and amazon.com! You can preview each song, order single songs or the whole album. We will be adding to the site on a regular basis so keep checking in. Take the site for a test drive, click on the links, sign up for our e-mailing list. Also, be looking for the davidbaroni mobile app coming soon! Our brand new instrumental projects, "Fingerpaintings: Peace"  and the Kingdom Jazz flavored "Playing The Sunset" are now available!

Also we are announcing a brand new Hymns Instrumental Songbook featuring all 12 songs from my "A Quiet Place: Instrumental Hymns" first volume. Physical songbooks and a PDF version are available.

 The Garden of Eden was the ideal environment for Adam and Eve. The word “Eden” in the original Hebrew means: “A spot or place for the moment where there is an open door to the delightful Heavenly Presence of God.” Through Jesus we have been able to return to our ideal environment, the place where we thrive, the very Presence of God! In fact, by the grace of God  given to us in Jesus, we can not only live in Eden, we are Eden; the dwelling place of God! 

Godrest and Godspeed, David Baroni

We all want to be known for something. As much as we don't like labels, we like acknowledgement. Bardstown KY is known for bourbon. New Haven is known for being home of the steam engine. The dollar store is known for good prices. America is known for being the land of the free and the home of the brave.

I have thought and pondered and wondered what I want to be known for. Joy, laughter, love, being a loving wife, mom and grandma, an anointed speaker, a good singer, a professional business woman? Actually, I want to be known as a person of peace. I was at a seminar recently and we had to write down one word that we wanted to describe 2014. At first I put Energy. Those of you who know me would say I have a lot of energy even when I'm tired. After some thought I changed the word to Content. I have wanted more, wanted less, wanted better, wanted to quit my full time job so I could be with my husband and travel with him. Then I didn't want to travel so much so I could be at home with my family and go to my local church. I wanted to sell our house and move into something smaller, then I wanted to build onto our house and host people. I wanted to lose 5 pounds to fit into my clothes better, or just buy new clothes. Oh My goodness, you see where this is going...

I can only be Content if I am satisfied with the content of my life. Content is actually 2 words. So after contemplating some areas of my life, I realize what I really desire is Peace. Peace to be content with the content of my life.

Quick note: My book "Fragrance of Grace" has been re-released with a great new cover and interior! It's on sale in our online store!


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Featured Music

I Am Loved by God C4"I Am Loved By God"

Saturated with God's love, this music is creative, inspiring, fresh and full of Life; all new songs from this seasoned artist-songwriter will lift your spirit and fill you to overflowing!

"A Quiet Place: Instrumental Hymns"

Favorite hymns with fresh, creative, peace-filled and inspiring instrumental arrangements. True to the original melodies and spirit of the hymn, yet filled with heartfelt additional musical ideas. Hear these well-loved songs as if for the first time!

"FingerPaintings: Luminous"

“Luminous” is the latest album in David Baroni’s acclaimed FingerPaintings series. Borrowing from David’s rich musical history, these fresh songs are influenced by such keyboard masters as the jazz legends Bill Evans, Dave Grusin, Herbie Hancock, the inventive Lyle Mays and the peaceful new-age stylings of George Winston and Jim Brickman, the finished product is 100% Baroni at his best.

NOW AVAILABLE!  Due to popular demand we have created a piano songbook featuring David's arrangements of every song in the #1 favorite "A Quiet Place: Instrumental Hymns" project.
You can download the PDF here or order the physical songbook here!

A Quiet Place Hymns Piano Songbook

A Quiet Place Hymns Piano Songbook

Creative In The Image Of God!

Creative In The Image Of God!

David's new book Creative In The Image of God contains a wealth of his experiences in God. From 30+ years of ministry as a worshipper, songwriter, speaker and most importantly, a child of God, David writes inspiring, informative, stories of “God-encounters” and gives transformative spiritual insights. “Creative In The Image of God” will be a valuable addition to your book collection. Also available as an audiobook on Amazon, iTunes, cdbaby.com and the e-book version is on Amazon.com

Kindle e-book: http://bit.ly/creativeintheimageebook Paperback davidbaroni.com: http://bit.ly/createintheimagepaperback Paperback Amazon: http://bit.ly/creativeamazonpprbck Audiobook: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/davidbaroni29


David and Rita Baroni

David and Rita Baroni

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Blessing To Us


I want to thank you so much for coming to our church and helping us worship our God a few weeks ago. God has ignited a fire in our team to go beyond the songlist and to jump in the river of worship with abandon, without fear, and for His glory. God used you to pour gasoline on that fire! Our congregation is starting to awaken. There is a fresh passion to seek God’s face, to receive a new revelation of who He is, and to become usable vessels and partners in all God wants to do, yielding ourselves completely to Him. Thank you for allowing God to use you in such a powerful way.

Gwen J

Had such a great time this past week with David Baroni and his lovely wife Rita! Love these people! All of my music minister/worship leader friends should book David and Rita for ministry this year! You’ll be blessed!!

John Chisum Pastor of Celebration Arts
Fair Haven Ministries
Jennison, MI

Soothing Beautiful Praises

“Do you want to soak in the presence of the Almighty God? Do you love instrumental excellence mixed with the anointing? Do you need rest for your soul? Then go no further! Restful Waters by David Baroni will minister to the deep places of your being. I can hear unspoken words in the melodies contained, “Come Unto Me”. That is what I plan on doing when I peacefully wait on the Lord while in the background listening to Restful Waters.”

James W. Goll
Encounters Network • Prayer Storm
National Best Selling Author


“Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Someone brought it into the ministry I work at and all I wanted to do was stop my work and soak in the soothing beautiful praises on this CD to the Lord. Thank you for making beautiful music by which we can enter into God’s Holy presense with and bask in His glory.

Blessings to you!” – T.B.

David, you and Rita made a huge impact on Wilmington First Assembly. I don’t have the words to tell you how much you blessed our folks. May the Lord continue to pour into you and open doors for you. We love you guys!

Pastor Jeff Stockford


Lullabyland Is A Sleeper

“I just wanted to say thank you for your beautiful Lullabyland CD! As soon as I heard it I knew it was just what I had been looking for. I purchased this CD for my children to listen to at night to help them fall asleep more quickly and it worked like a charm. The music is so peaceful and soothing that they just love listening to it as they fall alseep. I love that my kids get to fall asleep listening to such beautiful music about God’s love.

Thank you for your ministry!!!” L.C.

ED Chinn Jazz Preacher

“Many know David Baroni as one of the finest worship composers alive. But, we didn’t know he was also such a great storyteller. David has a novelist’s eye for the rich details of colors, sounds, and touches that make reading such a wondrous experience. Trust me, whether he writes about magnolia-scented Natchez, Mississippi, playing with Bill Haley and other greats, or meeting his beautiful and cherished Rita, David pulls you right into the moments and the magic of his very personal story. “The Jazz Preacher” is a fine and compelling book.”

Ed Chinn, Author, Speaker and Publisher