The Brooding

“…and darkness was upon the face of the deep and the Spirit of God brooded over the darkness” (paraphrase Genesis 1:2)

In the beginning of creation God started with Himself and… nothing. Some translations say darkness was upon the face of the deep. Some say that the earth was without form and void, barren, chaos.

…and the Spirit of God hovered, moved, brooded over the barrenness…




Then God said, “Let there be light and there was light.”

In the story of creation in the book of Genesis, the book of beginnings, there is a wonderful picture of God Who is a community in Himself. The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit have always existed in a perfect relationship of love, intimacy, harmony and humility. See the wondrous cooperation of the Trinity in the first 3 verses of Genesis:

The Spirit of God was brooding over the darkness, waiting…

Waiting for The Father to speak. To send His Word, The Son.

So the Father sends the Son to the Spirit who applies the Word to the darkness and the darkness gives way to the Light. Chaos gives way to Divine Order. Barrenness gives way to the fruitfulness of the Creator.

Isaiah 54 says, “Rejoice O barren, you who have not had children. Sing for joy, for more shall be the children of the barren than those of the married wife.” This speaks to our refusal to trust in our own sufficiency and our dependence on God who creates out of nothing.

He gives beauty for ashes, gets glory from dust
Makes a garment of praise from the armor of rust
Turns bondage to dancing, through weakness makes strong
Turns the wail of the mourner to the victory song

IMG_2817(from “Glorify the Lord” David Baroni)

I have good news for you. If there are barren places in your life, if you feel afraid or maybe you feel numb, or there are situations filled with chaos or darkness, the Spirit of God is brooding (like a mother hen over her eggs) over that darkness. God has sent His Word to you and will even give you the grace of faith to respond like Mary did “Lord, Let it be done to me according to Your Word.”

Light arises in the darkness and the desert will blossom as a rose, for Your Maker is your husband.

Do you feel The Brooding?

(This article is from David’s New Book: “Dreams, Kings, and Unseen Things”)