• Seeing Through God’s Eyes

    Rita and I were guest ministers at a youth ministry a few years ago and when we led a time of praise and worship, the Lord settled upon the whole group of us in a restful, peaceful way. There was such a sense of His rest and acceptance. Then it was time for the group to have their prayer and intercession time. Almost immediately, they began to shout and be aggressive as they prayed. There is, of course, a time for intense intercession and prayer. This, however, was not it, in my opinion. I heard the voice of the Lord say this: “If you could see you as I see you, it would free you to be you. Then, you would know Me, for I will show you Who I AM and who you are.”

    Winkie Pratney, a wonderfully gifted, passionate teacher and preacher, almost died of a serious illness a few years ago. As he hovered very near death, he relates, through tears, that he had an experience where he “saw the world through Jesus’ eyes.” He has profoundly changed from that encounter. (We thank the Lord that Winkie is alive and well.)

    To love God with all our hearts, love our neighbor as ourselves; these are the two greatest commandments.                                                                   My prayer is threefold:

    God, help me see You as You are (and thank you that is possible through Jesus Christ!) This, of course, is not just a one-time encounter, it’s an ongoing relationship. God, thank You that you have called us into an eternal adventure of intimacy through Christ!

    Lord, help me see myself as You see me. Many of us have believed things about ourselves that simply aren’t true, though, because of abuse or our own sin they feel true. Jesus sets us free to be who we really are! We show forth the life and love of Jesus by believing Him and being ourselves in Christ!

    Father, help me to see others as You see them. Give us the grace to love without condition. in fact, live and love through us, Lord. We can’t do this in our own strength or goodness. The beauty of the gospel is that in Christ we are a new species. Live and love through us Lord!


    If you knew how beautiful you are, how beautiful you are to me                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

    If you knew how beautiful you are 

    You would never be afraid, you would never be ashamed

    You would rest here in My love and you’d never run away

    If you knew how beautiful you are to Me

    If you knew how beautiful they are, how beautiful they are to me

    If you knew how beautiful they are

    You would run into my world, you would love them with my heart

    You would teach them how to trust and you’d show them who they are

    If you knew how beautiful they are to me

    We want to know You Lord, we want to show You to the world

    Help us see You and see ourselves, see others through Your Eyes


    (David Baroni, Kingdomsongs Inc./ CCLI)