How Beautiful You Are To Me!

How Beautiful You Are To Me!








Real humility is knowing what Father God says and thinks about you and me. His affection and confidence in us gives us confidence and humility to be ourselves in Jesus. Don’t be afraid to be your beautiful, powerful self (and don’t listen to the voice that just told you to beware of pride.) One grandmother, attempting to encourage her 4-year-old granddaughter told her, “You are so beautiful!” The little girl matter-of-factly answered her: “I know.” A bit worried that the girl would think too highly of herself, the woman asked, “How do you know you are beautiful?” The little girl said “My Daddy told me!” The little girl didn’t come to that conclusion by staring at herself in the mirror for hours on end, she simply listened and believed the voice of her Father.

Hear the Father say to you:

“If you knew how beautiful you are, how beautiful you are to me

If you knew how beautiful you are

You would never be afraid

You would never be ashamed

You would rest here in my love and you’d never run away

If you knew how beautiful you are to me.”

“If You Knew”

(“If You Knew” David Baroni from “The Wild and The Wonder”

(Thanks to Steve Thompson for the illustration and his inspiring teaching)