Liquid Love

Liquid Love

A different season, the same faithful God.

Walked on the beach today-beautiful blue sky, soothing faithful waves, comforting sun on my shoulders and gentle wind on my face. It occurred to me that not that many years ago, I was in a season of pain and struggle. I HAD to walk back then. I walked to quit thinking, to distract myself from emotional turmoil, to do something physical. God was with me then (though sometimes I wondered…)

Today it wasn’t like that.
I was light, in a different place, a thankful season. Thank You Lord for the waves of Your mercy, grace, joy and faithfulness!

Your love is an ocean
Your grace like the sea
Your faithfulness wave after wave to me
Your mercy’s a fountain
Your peace like a stream
Your joy is a river flowing within me
Flowing within me

You wash over me like liquid love
Through the tears and the rain with Your cleansing Blood|
You pour out Your grace in a healing flood
And wash over me, You wash over me
Like liquid love

Sometimes I get thirsty, my spirit so dry
Surrounded by desert no clouds in the sky
The wind gently whispers and I call your Name
I’m suddenly laughing out loud in the rain
I dance in the rain!

“Liquid Love” David Baroni

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