• Creative In The Image Of God!

    Creative In The Image Of God!

    “David Baroni is one of the most creative psalmists I’ve met. This book is written from deep unto deep — that is, the depths of creativity in his soul is calling to the creativity in your soul. Don’t just read this book, drink it. Let it awaken new artistry from the depths of your spirit, through the power of the Holy Spirit.”                       Bob Sorge, author, bobsorge.com

    “The free-flowing style of David’s music is like a breath of fresh air to a true worshiper.  This book will encourage the reader to new depths and dimensions of creative worship just like his incredible music!”               Michael Hopkins Pastor, European Missionary

    I am so pleased to announce the release of my latest book, “Creative In The Image of God.” It contains a treasure trove of my experiences in God. From 30+ years of ministry as a worshipper, songwriter, speaker and most importantly, a child of God, I trust that you will find inspiring, informative, stories of “God-encounters”  transformative spiritual insights. I hope you find that “Creative In The Image of God” will be a valuable addition to your book collection.
    Also available as an audiobook on Amazon, iTunes, Audible.com       and the e-book version is on Amazon.com