• Creative In The Image of God Audiobook!

    My new book, “Creative In The Image of God” has been getting great reviews! Now it is available as an audiobook on
    You can simply go to the link and order the audiobook (playable on any mobile device, laptop, or computer.) You can hear a sample of the audiobook at the link.

    If you like audiobooks and sign up to audible as a first time member, you can get my book free (as your first selection) and if you continue with you membership, buying at least one audiobook per month for three months, Audible will pay our ministry a $50 “bounty!”

    Here are links for the ebook and paperback versions of the book.

    Check out this brief video about the book.
    Thank you for your prayers and support of my and Rita’s ministry!
    Godrest and Godspeed,

    David Baroni

  •      I was born into this world as a baby, a boy, a son. About three years later, I wasn’t a baby anymore ( except about some things.) Sometime along my journey the boy was no longer, and I became a man. I met a wonderful young lady and I became a husband. Then, within a few years three beautiful girls called me their father. One of those girls had babies, and now I am also a grandfather. Got the list? Baby, Boy, Son, Man, Husband, Father, Grandfather. As time goes by some of the designations won’t apply. I’m not a baby and I am not a little boy anymore.
        I thank God for all the descriptions I have had in my life, and though I believe that my roles as husband, father and grandfather have eternal significance, I know that one day and forever I will simply and profoundly be what I started life as: a Son.
    (1 John 3:1 (ESV) See what kind of love the Father has given to us, that we should be called children of God; and so we are.)
    4 generations

    4 generations